Sunday School

St. Mary’s Malankara Catholic Church

  Patron St. Mary
 Established 1989
  Phone  0 96195 53289
  Address Anushakti Nagar, Mumbai,

Maharashtra – 400 094

  Vicar Fr. Mathai Iranathara OIC

Malankara Catholic Church, BARC Unit (Anushaktinagar)

The Malankara Catholic Church BARC Unit (Anushaktinagar) was started in the year 1989 as a result of the persistent effort of Mr. Joseph Koshy, member of BARC unit, who was also the then Chairman of the Malankara Catholic Association, Mumbai. The inaugural Mass was celebrated by late Archbishop Benedict Mar Gregorios on June 29, 1989 at St. Anthony’s Church, Mankhurd.
Taking into account the availability of priests, initially three Holy Masses were scheduled for the unit in a month (2nd 4th & 5th Sundays), at BARC chapel, which later got changed and Holy Mass got started in the unit regularly on all Sundays. During the initial period, prior to the establishment of three personal parishes for the Malankara Community in Mumbai in the year 1992, in addition to Rev. Fr. Ignatious Thangalathil OIC, Rev. Fr. Sajeev Thekkecharuvil OIC, Rev. Fr. James Mammoottil OIC, Rev. Fr. John Berchmans OIC, Rev. Fr. Geevarghese Palavilayil OIC used to visit the unit and render ecclesial service for the faithful. Would also like to note the contributions given by Mr. Joseph Koshy in the initial period, while our priests were staying far from Anushaktinagar. Mr. Joseph Koshy has taken great interest in arranging transportation and in bringing the priests from Jumbo Darshan at Andheri (East) and also in providing the required assistance.
A five member committee, with Mr. Geevarghese Onnoonny as chairman and Mr. John T John as Secretary was elected to co-ordinate the activities of the unit. Simultaneously, Sunday school classes, MCYM and family prayer meetings also got started in the unit. In the first year itself Christmas carol has been organized in the unit, wherein all members of the unit together visited the member families, taking the message of Christmas.
From the year 1989 to 2006, BARC unit was part of St. Mary’s Malankara Catholic Church, Sakinaka and Vicars of Sakinaka parish provided ecclesial service for BARC unit also and from the year 2006, BARC unit became part of St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Kharghar.
Vicars served in the unit :
Rev. Fr. Ignatious Thangalathil OIC (1989 -2000)
Rev. Fr. Mathai Iranathara OIC (2000-2001)
Rev. Fr. Augustine Chamakalayil OIC (2001-2004)
Rev. Fr. Zacharias Nandiattu OIC (2004-2006)
Rev. Fr. Joseph Philip OIC (2006-2009)
Rev. Fr. Mathai Iranathara OIC (2009 –

Sisters served in the unit :
Rev. Sr. Zalic SIC
Rev. Sr. Nirmalya SIC
Rev. Sr. Prakash SIC
Rev. Sr. Arsha SIC
Rev. Sr. Anjali SIC
Rev. Sr. Vinaya SIC.
Rev. Sr. Kiran SIC (from 2015)
On the feast of the ascension in 1993, 6 children from the unit received their first Holy Communion from Most Rev. Benedict Mar Gregorios at BARC Chapel.
Anushaktinagar unit actively takes part in all the activities of the ETRI and our Sunday school children, MCYM members, and Mathrusamajam members regularly receive laurels in activities at Mumbai regional and ETRI levels. The unit is proud to note that Dr. John T. John from the unit (now settled in Trivandrum) took effort in transliterating the Holy Mass prayers and other prayer books which has helped the youth in actively participating in the Holy Mass and other prayer services. The unit has provided all support possible for the development of the Church in the region/ETRI. Over the years, many members have left the unit but new members have joined, maintaining the strength of the community to 20 even now.